Obesity is one of the most common violations of fat metabolism. During the last few years, the number of overweight people in economically developed countries has increased up to 50%. Medics are worried by the fact that there is a large number of females of reproductive age among patients with excess weight. Given that many of them suffered from obesity in adolescence, about 30% of them had late menarche.

Overweight women of reproductive age are infertile more often than those, who have optimal weight loss. Almost every third woman is diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Typically, PCOS complicated obesity, is accompanied by hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, which violates the ovulatory ovarian function and therefore affects fertility.

According to clinical studies, PCOS are mostly typical for visceral obesity, characterized by severe endocrinal disorders. The restorative therapy of reproductive function of a female body may turn ineffective, if woman does not lose her excess weight. Therefore, women with PCOS complicated obesity should lose weight in the first place.

For the weight loss, women are prescribed a complex treatment, consisting of diet, intensive physical activity and weight loss medication Duromine. Duromine pills not only provide weight loss, but also normalize concentration of pituitary hormones, ovarian androgens and restore the reproductive function.

It was noticed that in women, who had been taking Duromine for obesity treatment, the ovarian size decreased and somatic state improved.

  1. Considering that excess fat is stored in the body for long time, once the Duromine treatment course is over, the main goal of many is to save the achieved body weight.
  2. To save the weight you have reached due to the use of Duromine diet pills, one should follow a healthy diet and exercise every day.
  3. After the cessation of Duromine anti-obesity therapy, patients undergo a correction of hormonal disorders along with non-drug therapy.
  4. If Duromine weight loss and hormonal correction does not restore the ovulatory ovarian function, doctor should prescribe medications stimulating ovulation at the third stage of PCOS treatment.

Thus, restoration of the reproductive function in women with PCOS complicated obesity is not an easy task.

Herewith, the therapy efficiency depends on the amount of visceral fat, which can be reduced by the help of Duromine drug. Besides, patients who take Duromine achieve the best effect of PCOS therapy, if the weight loss is associated with reduced insulin resistance.

Please note that the recovery of ovulatory cycles and the pregnancy rate during the PCOS therapy increases in women when they get an optimal weight with Duromine. The efficiency and safety of using Duromine during pregnancy is unknown. Therefore, obese females should better use contraceptives while taking Duromine weight loss medication.

To achieve an optimal body weight with Duromine slimming pills, women should firstly visit a doctor. Once they get the prescription, they can purchase Duromine online. Online pharmacies offer discounts. Thus, when ordering a large pack of Duromine diet pills, one can save considerably. It is very beneficial, since the anti-obesity therapy is a long-term process.