It is known that obesity provokes many diseases. Usually, excess body mass violates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. However, obesity can also cause dysfunctions of female reproductive system, for instance: infertility, high risk of abortion and complications during pregnancy that cause premature birth.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common dysfunction of the reproductive system of women, suffering from obesity. Moreover, PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility.

Excess body mass aggravates metabolic and reproductive disorders, typical for PCOS. Besides, sometimes obesity reduces the efficiency of medications for treatment of female infertility.

Therefore, overweight women should start the PCOS therapy with weight loss. The weight loss therapy involves traditional methods: diet and physical activity. Sometimes, as an adjunct to diet and physical therapy, doctors prescribe a sympathomimetic amine – Duromine.

It is recommended to use weight loss product Duromine as a short-term adjunct to a diet regime for women with BMI 30 and above. Women with BMI 25 and higher, who have comorbidities, such as dyslipidemia, hypertension or diabetes mellitus can also take Duromine pills. According to clinical trials, when used without diet and physical loads, Duromine does not provide weight loss.

Because Duromine medication provides anorexigenic effect, women can easily refuse from foods high in simple carbohydrates and stop snacking. Diet pills Duromine promote satiety, therefore minimal amount of food is quite enough to satisfy hunger.

Given that people need certain amount of energy to stay active, but minimal energy is produced in the body during the use of Duromine, the body gets the missing energy from fat deposits.

  • Decrease of fat tissue when using Duromine diet pills, allows to restore endocrine system and improves metabolism.

The weight loss product Duromine combined with diet and physiotherapy helps women to get a slim and beautiful body shape. Moreover, in those women, who were taking Duromine, this weight loss drug has affected PCOS symptoms.

In particular, it restores menstrual cycle, reduces androgens in the blood plasma, removes face acne and prevents hirsutism.

Women of reproductive age should conduct anti-obesity therapy using Duromine weight loss product before planning to become pregnant.

If woman loses weight before she is pregnant, further she can get pregnant in a natural way, ensuring her normal course of pregnancy and easy birth. Besides that normal weight before and after pregnancy reduces the risk of complications in women and saves their health, it also promotes a normal development of the fetus and birth of a healthy baby.

Why should women take Duromine weight loss product before planning pregnancy? Pregnant women and newborns have never participated in clinical trials on safety and toxicity of medication Duromine. Therefore, use of Duromine diet pills during pregnancy and breastfeeding is contraindicated.

Moreover, to protect health of both mother and her future child, it is recommended for women of reproductive age to use contraception, when using weight loss pills Duromine.

The weight loss product Duromine can reduce the efficiency of some contraceptives. Thus, be sure to learn the drug instructions and drug interactions before using Duromine pills together with birth control pills.