Obesity is characterized by storage of excess fat tissue in the human body. This excess fat tissue is accumulated around organs, affecting their functions. Often, obesity provokes such disorders as: hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus.

Complications, developing due to excess fat tissue, violate function and systems of the whole body. In obesity, the heart functions is violated, resulting in impaired blood flow and heart failure. With time, the heart failure begin progressing, becoming more hazardous than obesity for patient’s life.

Given that heart failure develops slowly, timely revealed cardiac complications help to avoid many disorders and pathologies. Weight loss is the main component of anti-obesity therapy.

Traditionally, in order to lessen subcutaneous fat, it is recommended to adhere to a hypocaloric diet and make physical exercises every day. Sometimes, doctors prescribe appetite suppressant drug, like Duromine to be combined with non-drug therapy.

In fact, weight loss drug Duromine is mostly prescribed for patients with BMI above 30 or with BMI 25 and above but with comorbidities. Actually, Duromine is meant for a short-term and adjunct therapy of obesity in patients, who cannot stick to diet restrictions.

Duromine is a sympathomimetic amine and thus it suppresses appetite and promotes satiety. As a result, people eat much smaller portions of food, than they have before. That is why, those people, who are taking diet pills Duromine, can safely and easily quit eating those fast carbs products, replacing them with low-calorie foods.

Duromine 30mg

Regular use of weight loss drug Duromine allows to reduce the body mass and heart strain, which increases simultaneously with accumulation of fat tissue.

Relief of the heart strain helps to prevent hypertrophy of the heart muscle, as well as improves the blood flow and other heart functions.

When fat tissue decreases be means of Duromine diet pills brings down the amount of abdominal fat, increasing the blood inflow rich in oxygen to the heart muscle. This improves heart work. Because heart begins to beat faster with an increase in fat tissue, Duromine helps both to reduce the body mass and normalize the heart rate.

Weight loss improves the blood flow, which means it not only improves the heart function, but also work of lungs, kidneys, muscles and endocrine system. No doubt that anti-obesity therapy with Duromine weight loss product improves the overall health. Thus, after the regular use of Duromine diet pills, dyspnea and sleep apnea disappear.

Once anti-obesity therapy with Duromine drug is over, patients no longer suffer from excess amount of abdominal fat and edema and their limbs cease to freeze. In addition, patients who take Duromine medication, become very mobile and spend more time on physical exercises.

It must be noted that at the initial stage of anti-obesity therapy, patients will be hard to make some physical exercises. Therefore, to patients with heart disease, taking Duromine weight loss pills, doctors recommend to replace exercises with a 30-40-minute regular walk.

Sometimes, Duromine diet pills are combined with drugs that restore impaired function of the inner lining of blood vessels (Enalapril, Berlipril or Lisinopril). Because weight loss restores elasticity of the blood vessels, maybe patient will have to take lower doses of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors).

Before adding some other drugs (like ACE inhibitors) to anti-obesity therapy with weight loss product Duromine, be sure to read drug interactions or consult your therapist.