Endocrinologists have established that obese patients are at high risk of osteoporosis, as well as fractures of the femoral neck or spine. Skeletal system involves all the bones and joints of the body that are connected between each other with fat and muscle tissue.

In obesity, there is a high concentration of adiponectin hormone, which violates bone and muscle structure. To minimize the risk of bone fractures and to improve muscle and bone functions, doctors recommend to reduce body weight.

It is better to start weight loss with a diet and increased physical activity. If person managed to lose just 5% of the initial weight within 12 weeks of dieting and exercising, then needs to include Duromine drug to his weight loss therapy.

Usually a sympathomimetic amine Duromine is administered as a temporal adjunct to a diet and physical exercises for obesity therapy. Weight loss product Duromine is prescribed for those people, who have severe obesity, i.e. BMI over 30.

Duromine can be also used by people with BMI 25, complicated with comorbidities: diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension and osteoporosis.

Because Duromine suppresses appetite and promotes satiety, people can easily respect even the strictest diets. When using Duromine weight loss pills, people can limit the amount of food and portions they eat daily. Therefore, they can get used to a proper eating behavior.

During the use of slimming drug Duromine, people first of all, exclude harmful products from their meals, replacing them with products high in fiber and carbohydrates, but minimum of fats.

  • Healthy nutrition always helps to keep stable body weight after the termination of Duromine diet pills.

In some cases, proper diet allows to maintain the achieved weight for a long time, without getting extra kilograms back; it also helps lose even more weight. Since obesity is a chronic disease, relapses may occur.

Duromine 15
  • In order to avoid obesity relapses, one should lead an active life style all the time, not just during the use of Duromine weight loss product.

Most people don’t know that gaining fat tissue is associated with an increase of hormone adiponectin, which provokes different complications in the body. Duromine diet pills may reduce body weight due to the reduction of fat tissue, normalizing adiponectin level. Normal level of adiponectin hormone prevents formation of cholesterol plaques in the walls of the blood vessels.

Apart from the fact that normal level of adiponectin reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, it also improves metabolism and normalizes lipid profile. Regular use of Duromine diet drug within 3 months allows losing up to 15% of the initial body mass.

The weight loss does more than just restores metabolism in the body, it also reduces the stress on the musculoskeletal system, improving motor ability of overweight people.

Because diet medication Duromine improves the motor ability simultaneously with the weight loss, people can gradually increase their physical activity.

Having lost a few kilograms, people who take medication Duromine become more active than before the therapy; therefore they can easily do exercises that accelerate fat burning. Given that excess weight violates bone and muscle structure, doctors prescribe the weight loss product Duromine in combination with drug or nutritional supplements with calcium and vitamin D.

Besides, for osteoporosis and obesity, doctors prescribe Duromine and medications that increase bone density, slowing its thinning:

Anabolic drugs: Teriparatide; Forteo
Antiresorptive medications (bisphosphonates): Fosamax; Risedronate
Selective estrogen receptor modulators: Tamoxifen; Raloxifene.

Often, drug, stimulating the bone tissue growth, is prescribed after anti-obesity therapy with the weight loss drug Duromine. It is recommended to enrich the daily diet with products high in calcium and phosphorus for hardness and density of bones.